Privacy Test

Are you correctly informed about the level of privacy a VPN gives you?

Take the privacy reality check test and find out. Seeing the amount of debate and arguments going on around VPN providers, privacy and anonymity we felt this tool was necessary. Going through this test takes no longer than 2 minutes.

You get your results instantly. Good Luck.

Start the privacy test

1 Have you ever used a VPN solution? *

  • Yes
  • No

2 What was the primary reason for which you use a VPN solution? *

  • Privacy protection
  • Unblocking restricted websites and VOIP applications
  • Other

3 What is your single biggest challenge when using a VPN service? *

4 Your opinion on what are the ways in which a VPN service increases to your privacy: *

  • Prevents hackers from seeing/stealing my data when I’m browsing from public WiFi’s
  • Keeps me safe from 3rd party tracking
  • Other

5 Which of the following represents your opinion about logging policies? *

  • I truly believe there are VPN providers that do not store any information of any kind about their users activity. No traffic data, no DNS data, absolutely nothing.
  • Zero logging (in the absolute sense) does not exist. Even if VPN providers wanted so, legal regulations would not allow it. My only question is how much information will VPN providers store.

6 Which of the following represents your opinion?

  • Using a VPN makes me absolutely anonymous on the web.
  • Using a VPN greatly increases my online privacy. However, it does not make me absolutely anonymous.