About The Privacy Observer

We are pleased to introduce you The Privacy Observer – a Direct Spark project. Through this privacy project, the Direct Spark team wants you to be well informed about the advantages and the limitations of using a legitimate VPN. So, we devise a quick questionnaire with 6 simple questions and the goal was to correctly inform the users about what a VPN can and cannot do. Seeing the amount of debate and arguments going on around VPN providers, privacy and anonymity we felt this tool was necessary. And we say it frankly and clearly to everybody: using a VPN greatly increases your online privacy but it does not make you absolutely anonymous. And also, you have to understand that zero logging (in the absolute sense) does not exist. So, if you haven’t done our test, go for it, it will take no more than 2 minutes, it’s simple and useful!

We are the Direct Spark team – the team behind the project. Being an online marketing agency, privacy is a favorite topic for us and we like to provide new insights into this area considering the new technology trends. So, stay close to us and our projects for the good news!

Just as a reminder, Direct Spark is an online marketing agency that helps tech companies start, grow and succeed. We have made available our skills, experience and all our effective and smart marketing tools and strategies to tech companies from Romania, Belgium, Switzerland and Australia. Our portfolio speaks for itself, but if you don’t believe us, just ask our clients.

The Privacy Observer is an independent project, but it is supported by ibVPN, a top VPN provider. ibVPN was created to increase online privacy not only when browsing, but also when using different types of web applications or services. It can be used on a large variety of operating systems, including Windows, MacOs, iOS and Android and they provide personal privacy and data security services to tens of thousands of people all over the world. So, be one of them!